Health Tourism

What Is Health Tourism?

Health tourism is the travels people make to different countries for the purpose of receiving health care services.

Due to the increase in the world population, the increase in the quality of life and the increase in health costs in various countries, countries that make better quality and economical treatments have emerged and caused the health tourism sector to form. The increase in the elderly population in the world has also triggered the sector.

What are the Main Causes of Health Tourism?
  • Desire to be treated in scientifically proven countries with advanced equipment and technology
  • Problems in the national health system
  • Medical service is expensive in one country, while getting the same service cheaper in a different country
  • If the patient cannot receive quality service in her own country and receive a quality service in a different country(
  • High health costs in their country
  • The high population of the elderly
  • Health system is not sufficient in some countries
  • Willingness to have a vacation with treatment,
  • Knowing or not wanting the surgery for any reason in their own country (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility treatment, etc.)
  • One's desire to hold on to life and to live.