Thread Lift

What is threadlift facial rejuvenation?

Suture threadlifts are the non-surgical beautification applications which the developing technology have offered. Rejuvenation, recovery and reduction in wrinkles are ensured by inserting specially manufactured sutures subcutaneously through simple applications.

What are the issues to be cared before the threadlift facial rejuvenation?
  • If you are using anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs, you should inform your doctor
  • Some drugs and some vitamins have anticoagulant (blood-thinning) effects and bleedings may be increased during the recovery period. It is extremely important to inform your physician about the medications that you use, the nutritional supplements, slimming teas
  • If you have any allergy toward any substance or medications, please definitely inform your physician.
  • There is no proved unfavorable effect on the pregnant. However, we do not suggest the Botox application in pregnant and in those with pregnancy expectations.
  • The fact that Botox passes into the milk in the breastfeeding mothers and its unfavorable effect on the infant have not been proved.
  • If you have any cold sore or inflammatory wounds on your face, we definitely do not perform Botox application. First, we wait until these lesions heal and we perform the application afterwards.
How does the suture threadlift application performed?

After the application site is numbed with anesthetic creams or by means of very thin tipped needles, sutures are inserted via special cannula or tips subcutaneously. Sutures may be smooth, spiny, ragged or conic depending on the application site and needs.

The suture threadlift application lasts for ten to thirty minutes.

The activity of suture threadlifts lasts one to five years depending on the suture type and application site.

Since the application site is numbed with anesthetic creams or by means of very thin tipped needles, people do not feel pain.

Can the effect of the suture threadlift be seen just after the application?

We may see the effect just after the application.

Following the suture threadlift, when the patient can return to the social life and professional life?

Slight redness and swelling may occur after the procedure. These complaints heal for three to seven days.

Can only suture threadlift recover completely the face?

If you have not too much prolapses and deep wrinkles, suture threadlift is an ideal rejuvenation method for you. If there are deep wrinkles and collapses, these collapses should be eliminated definitely via filling applications.