Breast Augmentation

What is the breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure to ensure a normal breast appearance in people with small breasts in proportion to her body

What is the causes of having small breasts?

The breasts may be small structurally depending upon some factors or they may shrink afterwards. The most common cause is to be genetically small. Other causes can be listed as pregnancy and breast-feeding, weight loss and, several systemic diseases.

Is to have small breasts a disease?

Definitely, it is not a disease. If a severe weight loss has experienced due to an underlying disease, losses of fat tissues will occur in breasts as seen in all body regions and hence shrinkage in breasts will happen. However, to have small breast lonely is not a sign of a disease.

By which method breast augmentation is performed?

Breast augmentation procedure is performed via filling applications and by insetting silicone prostheses. In the breast augmentation with filling, either the own fat tissue of the person is used or filling materials specially produced for this purpose are used. In fat filling applications fat tissues being taken from different regions of the person are used. If the fat tissue of the person is not sufficient or if she does not want to experience this application, fillings based on the hyaluronic acid which is biocompatible with the human body can be used.

The most commonly preferred method for breast augmentation all around the world and in Turkey are the surgeries done by using silicone implants. Silicone implants are biocompatible with the body and they can persist lifelong in human body. Their side effects are scarcely any.

What should be performed before breast augmenting surgery?

The surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Screenings in terms of blood levels, liver function tests, renal function tests, clothing values and contagious diseases by making blood analyses of the patients before the surgery.

The status of the lungs is investigated by acquiring pulmonary X-ray films and the heart rhythm and cardiac status are investigated by taking electrocardiography (ECG). Furthermore, if the patient has an additional disease, tests concerning this disease are made and consultation are established from the concerning department about whether he or she has any status that will hinder the surgery if necessary.

Smoking is a factor affecting unfavorably the wound healing. We suggest the patients consuming tobacco products to cease smoking at least one week before the surgery. People should cease anticoagulant drugs and herbal supplements before surgery. We lead to cease these drugs by consulting to the department advising these drugs about whether these people have any obstacle to cease these drugs.

Breast augmentation surgery lasts one to two hours. If the pickup of the breasts and breast lifting are required in addition to breast augmentation, in that case the surgery may last three hours.

In the breast augmentation surgeries, we can discharge from the hospital usually on the same days.

The recovery period lasts approximately ten days after the breast augmentation surgery.

When the patients can return to the social life and professional life after the breast augmentation surgery?

Following the breast augmentation surgery, people return to social life approximately in three days. One week is required to return to the professional life.

Following the breast augmenting surgery, how much trace may persist?

We insert the silicone breast prosthesis usually from the inframammary trough or from the periphery of the nipple. Four- to five-centimeter traces persist in these insertion areas. While these traces are red at the beginning, they take the color of the skin with time.

Is it possible to eliminate the traces of surgery after the breast augmentation surgeries?

It is not possible to eliminate completely the traces belonging to any surgical procedure. But we have applications and treatments which reduce the prominence of the traces.