Breast Reduction

What is the breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed in order to restore the breasts which are bigger in relation with the body sizes of a person to normal sizes.

What are the causes of the breast largeness?

The most common causes of the breast largeness are the familial factors. Apart from these, enlargement in breasts can be related with gaining weight, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, breast-feeding and several breast diseases.

Is the breast largeness an esthetic problem?

Breast largeness is a health problem rather than being an esthetic problem. Large breasts impose substantial loads on the neck and on the dorsum. In relation with this, shoulder pain and back pain resistant to treatment and shape impairment and smoothing take place in the patients.

Most of the patients have shoulder pain and back pain. They receive physical treatment and they have to use many medications. When the people with large breasts use bra, collapses and deformities occur on the shoulders especially locations where the bra straps pass.

In these people, diaper rashes, fungal infections and bad odors which cause disturbances happen between the breasts and under the breasts especially during the summer months. The largeness of the breasts lead very serious burdens especially during the adolescence and maidenhood.

Female with large breasts have difficulty in finding appropriate dress, they experience limitations in arm movements. Some of them have respiratory distress and they even express that they feel as if they are drowning while lying in supine position.

With which technique the breast reduction surgery is performed?

In the breast reduction surgery, breast tissue in appropriate amount for that person is left and the excess of breast tissues are removed. Lifting and recovery of the breasts which are in sagging status by placing them to the location where they should exist. I prefer to perform breast reduction by means of a technique protecting the nipple and the mammary ducts, because we obtain the closest breast to the natural breast in that manner.

What should be done before the breast reduction surgery?

The surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Screenings in terms of blood levels, liver function tests, renal function tests, clothing values and contagious diseases by making blood analyses of the patients before the surgery.

The status of the lungs is investigated by acquiring pulmonary X-ray films and the heart rhythm and cardiac status are investigated by taking electrocardiography (ECG). Furthermore, if the patient has an additional disease, tests concerning this disease are made and consultation are established from the concerning department about whether he or she has any status that will hinder the surgery if necessary. Smoking is a factor affecting unfavorably the wound healing. We suggest the patients consuming tobacco products to cease smoking at least one week before the surgery.

People should cease anticoagulant drugs and herbal supplements before surgery. We lead to cease these drugs by consulting to the department advising these drugs about whether these people have any obstacle to cease these drugs.

Breast reduction surgery lasts two to four hours.

Following the breast reduction surgeries, we can discharge the patient from the hospital usually on the same days. We consider appropriate to monitor the patients until their complaints are recovered, if they have nausea, vomiting, dizziness related with the anesthesia and situations which will disturb themselves such as swelling, pain due to the surgery occur.

The recovery period lasts approximately ten days after the breast reduction surgery.

When the patients can return to the social life and professional life after the breast augmentation surgery?

People may return to their normal social life approximately in one week following the breast reduction surgery. We recommend them to begin to heavy sports also approximately one month later. If they have not a job requiring excessive physical power they may return to their professional life one week later. We recommend to the patients having jobs requiring physical activity to wait for two to three weeks.

Following the breast reduction surgery, how much trace may persist?

Following the breast reduction surgery, usually a trace in the shape of inverse-T persists. In the Inverse-T technique; traces persist around the nipple, in the line descending from the nipple downwards and, in the inframammary trough. While these traces are red and apparent at the beginning, they take the skin color with time and their prominence disappears.

Is it possible to eliminate the traces of surgery after the breast reduction surgeries?

It is not possible to eliminate completely the traces belonging to any surgical procedure. But there are creams and medical materials which we use to reduce the prominence these traces. The prominence of the traces diminishes in serious ratio in the patients who use these in the direction of our recommendations.