Breast Uplift

What is the breast lift surgery?

Breasts are located on the level of the second to fourth ribs on the front trunk in normal case. It begins from the lateral of the sternum bone in the inner part and it terminates in a fashion that it will pass anterior axilla line.

Normally fold under the breast should be at one-finger level. The nipple should be slightly toward outward and toward opposite side. If the fold under breast is larger than one centimeter and the nipples are toward downward instead of opposite side we may mention about breast sagging (breast ptosis). Surgical procedures performed to bring the breasts in people who have these signs to normal position is called breast lift.

What the causes are of breast sagging?

The most common cause of the breast sagging are those related with pregnancy and breast-feeding. Moreover, breast sagging may be also seen in weight losses and in people having elastic skin structure genetically.

By which technique the breast lift surgery is performed?

Breast lifting is done via several techniques. Depending on the existing sagging, while only tidy-up done from the peripheral of the nipple is sufficient for breast lift surgery, breast lift procedure can be performed through skin excisions made under the breast on some other patients.

What should be performed before breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is done under general anesthesia. Screenings in terms of blood levels, liver function tests, renal function tests, clothing values and contagious diseases by making blood analyses of the patients before the surgery.

The status of the lungs is investigated by acquiring pulmonary X-ray films and the heart rhythm and cardiac status are investigated by taking electrocardiography (ECG). Furthermore, if the patient has an additional disease, tests concerning this disease are made and consultation are established from the concerning department about whether he or she has any status that will hinder the surgery if necessary.

What are the issues to be cared before the surgery?
  • If you are using anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs, you should cease to use them seven to ten days before by consulting to your doctor.
  • Some drugs and some vitamins have anticoagulant (blood-thinning) effects and bleedings may be increased during the recovery period. It is extremely important to inform your physician about the medications that you use, the nutritional supplements, slimming teas.
  • If you have any allergy toward any substance or medications, please definitely inform your physician.
  • We suggest the patients consuming tobacco products to cease smoking at least three weeks before the surgery.
  • No alcohol should be consumed for one week before the surgery.
  • The patient should be hungry at least six hours before the surgery.
  • While coming for the surgery, please bring definitely the examinations (computerized tomography, ultrasound, and mammography) that your physician has requested with your own.
  • While coming to the surgery do not make up, do not pin jewelry, do not apply nail varnish, and do not bring your valuables with your own.

Breast lift surgery lasts approximately one to three hours.

The patients are discharged from the hospital in the same day after the breast lift surgery.

The recovery period lasts approximately ten days after the breast lift surgery

When the patients can return to the social life and professional life after the breast lift surgery?

The patients in which the breast lift surgery is performed return to social life from the third day following the surgery. If they have not a job requiring excessive physical activity they may return to their Professional life from the fifth day following the surgery.