Prominent Ear Repair

What is prominent (protruding) ear?

Many congenital malformation occur in the earlap. The most commonly seen developmental earlap disorder is prominent ear. The case referred as prominent ear is the situation in which the ears are more apparent at two sides than normal case.

In which age prominent ear surgery can be performed?

Earlap is an organ which completes its development quickly. Earlap has completed its development in higher degree when the child has three years old. We suggest to perform this surgical procedure from the preschool age in which the child begins to enter social media because serious psychological problems and lack of confidence may occur in children being teased by their friends due to their prominent ear. There is no obstacle to perform prominent ear surgery from four to five years old.

By which technic prominent ear surgery is performed?

The cartilage forming the earlap can be brought to its normal location by means of several technics. Which technic will be performed can be decided depending on the ear structure. If the ear cartilage has a convenient elasticity and desired shape can be formed when plied, suture threadlift technic can be performed. In the suture threadlift technic plying procedure is done with the sutures inserted into the cartilage by forming small incisions in the skin.

If the ear cartilage has a harder structure and there is an excess of cartilage, the cartilage is reshaped by making an incision from the fold line and excessive cartilaginous structures are removed and, sutures approaching the ear toward the skull are inserted.

What are the issues to be cared before the surgery?
  • If you are using anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs, you should cease to use them seven to ten days before by consulting to your doctor.
  • Some drugs and some vitamins have anticoagulant (blood-thinning) effects and bleedings may be increased during the recovery period. It is extremely important to inform your physician about the medications that you use, the nutritional supplements, slimming teas.
  • If you have any allergy toward any substance or medications, please definitely inform your physician.
  • We suggest the patients consuming tobacco products to cease smoking at least three weeks before the surgery.
  • No alcohol should be consumed for one week before the surgery.
  • While coming to the surgery do not make up, do not pin jewelry, do not apply nail varnish, and do not bring your valuables with your own.
Which anesthesia method is used in prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear surgeries are performed under local anesthesia in adults. However it is convenient to perform under general anesthesia in children.

Prominent ear surgeries last forty minutes to one and half hour.

In prominent ear surgeries performed under local anesthesia, the patient can be discharged from the hospital immediately. If the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the patient should be monitored for four to six hours so the patient could be eluted from the influence of the anesthesia completely. The patients who have no problem at the end of this period can be sent to their home.

The recovery period usually lasts seven to ten days in the prominent ear surgery. The formation of the final shape of the ears and the complete healing of swelling may require one month.

When the patient can return to the social life and professional life after the prominent ear surgery?

The patients who experience prominent ear surgery may return to their social life and professional life approximately one week later.

How much trace may persist after the prominent ear surgery?

No trace remains in prominent ear surgeries via suture threadlift method. In surgeries established by making an incision behind the ear, traces remaining at the folding region may persist. The prominence of these traces decreases with time.